Off-Campus Food

The University Plaza is the large plaza situated next to the E5, E6 and E7 buildings. It offers various types of international cuisines from across the world. In particular, the plaza posesses a heavy Asian, Middle Eastern, and Meditteranean cuisine presence. Expect to find all types of meals including authentic, street, and fast food. With so many options available, this section aims to help you choose your next off-campus dining experience.


Often times, the price of a meal and the sanitary conditions in which it was prepared in is just as important as its taste. That is why each restaurant listed here comes with a count of the total number of health and safety infractions in the last two years, as well as an average menu item price indicator.

*Note: The following is a list of all places in the University Shops Plaza with a Skip the Dishes or Uber Eats profile, which were required for the implementation of the average menu item price indicator and random meal generator below.

*Note: The square icon indicates a health and safety infraction, wherase the circular icon indicates an averge menu item price.

*Note: Color for infractions and price ranges from good (green) to bad (red).

Suggestion Generator

Looking to try something new in the University Shops Plaza? Input your budget and choose a maximum infraction count preference to receive a meal recommendation from the Suggestion Generator.