Tim Hortons Instructions

Non-accessible instructions available here.

Wow! Here you are, at the University of Waterloo! But more specifically, here you are, in the Mathematics and Computer building! MC - the University of Waterloo’s boxiest building. You’ve just finished a thrilling class, Math 135! It’s 9:20 in the morning, far too early to have your butt kicked by Algebra. Before your next class, you need a coffee. But wait! Despite MC’s innocuous appearance, that giant square can be a minefield to navigate. You wonder, how do I get a coffee from here? You swear you saw a Tim Hortons on the way to class!

But alas, you may not need to go to Tim Horton’s! You’re on the third floor and you see the CnD (Room 3002) lounge. Unfortunately, the line is out the door. Well, you’ll have to make your way to Tim Hortons.

Here are some step-by-step instructions for how you can get from MC C&D to Tim Hortons lickety-split:

  1. Position yourself beside the S-shaped couches, facing the C&D Lounge in the Mathematics and Computer (MC) building. [View]
  2. Down the hall to your right is a set of elevators. Take them down to the second floor.
  3. Go straight into the hallway in front of the elevator. In the middle of the hallway there is a set of double doors on your right which lead to an exit. Leave the building from here.
  4. Turn right. There should be bike racks on your right side. Head toward and pass beneath the overpass above. [View]
  5. Take the left path at the junction where the construction is. There should be trees on your left and construction fences on your right. [View]
  6. Follow the path past the patio on the right until you reach the sidewalk junction at the street. The Student Life Centre sign should be on your right, just before reaching the street. [View]
  7. Turn right at the sidewalk junction, then merge right, going along the uphill path towards the building. [View]
  8. At the top of the path, enter through the two sets of double doors.
  9. Upon entering the building, you should see Tim Hortons on your right side. [View]