On Campus

There are plenty of ways to have fun without even leaving campus. Join a club to get together with people that share your hobbies. Become an active member of the university community and shape the future of the University of Waterloo by joining Feds or your student society. Drop into one of the many on campus events.


Clubs are a great way to get together with people who share your academic or personal interests. Below are a few profiles of clubs which may be relevant to Math students. Descriptions are taken from the clubs' websites if available.

Academic Clubs

  • Actuarial Science Club
  • The UW Actsci Club is the official student organization serving UW's actuarial science undergraduate students. It is an organization for students with the common interest of pursuing an actuarial career to come together, network, learn, and improve their UW experience!

  • Computer Science Club
  • In short, we exist to promote knowledge of and interest in computer science as well as allowing those interested in computer science to talk to each other. We have an office where members get together, a library of computer science books available to our members, computer accounts on our various machines and much more. Frequently we host events related to computing, including talks, tutorials and demonstrations.

  • Double Degree Club
  • The DDC is an official, UW and WLU registered, student-run organization that aims to enhance the experience of Double Degree students during their university career. Thanks to the support of members like yourself, the club hosts several social events, networking/mentorship opportunities, and academic resources in an effort to enrich your education at UW and WLU.

  • UW Financial Analysis and Risk Management Student Association
  • FARMSA is a non-profit student club open to all Math students at the UW, even those not in the Math/FARM program.The goals of the club: To encourage academic pursuits and interests of the Math/FARM program internally and externally.To provide services that will benefit Math/FARM students and other interested individuals academically and professionally.To improve the cohesiveness between individuals of the Math/FARM program. Provide a framework to build, improve and promote the reputation and quality of the Math/FARM program.

  • The Pure Math, Applied Math and Combinatorics & Optimization Club
  • The PMC is simply a group of people who know how to define a group. Don't know what a group is yet? Drop by to find out!As a club under the Mathematics Society we are located at MC 3033. Our members are interested in various areas of mathematics and if you enjoy being surrounded by people who share a passion for mathematics you might just belong here!

  • UW Statistics Club
  • The University of Waterloo's Statistics Club is the official student run club serving UW's statistics undergraduate students. The Stats Club is dedicated to bringing together the statistics undergraduate community on campus by providing friendly and welcoming environment, as well as supplying resources for the academic pursuit of Statistics.

  • University of Waterloo Mathematical Finance Student Association
  • The goal of MFSA is to provide services that encourage academic pursuits of quantitative finance and improve the reputation of the Mathematical Finance program.

Non-Academic Clubs

  • UW Animal Rights Society
  • We run fundraisers, socials, and provide volunteer opportunities for our members. Our primary goal is to use the money we raise from our charity events to donate to a variety of local non-profit animal rights groups.

  • UW Concert Band Club
  • UW Concert Band Club is a club operating under the Federation of Students (FEDs) at the University of Waterloo. It provides an opportunity for brass, woodwind, double-reed, and percussion players to play in a band environment. The majority of its members are made up of UWaterloo undergraduate students, but is also open to graduate students, faculty, staff and members of the community At the end of term, we hold a performance at the University of Waterloo. All guests are welcome!

  • UW Game Development Club
  • We're the student run game development club on campus. We're here to talk, learn, play, and make games. This means workshops, jams, discussions, and tutorials are all in our mandate. Whether you already know what you're doing and are looking to network, or you're confused as all hell and want to learn, we're open to all.

  • UW Photography Club
  • The UW Photography Club is a not-for-profit organization run by students, for students at the University of Waterloo. We welcome all photographers, from beginners and amateurs to full-time professionals. Although our focus is primarily on photography, we delve into many related topics such as general visual arts, cinema, professional and business practices, modeling, and any field that you may find photography in (which is just about everything). We run a variety of events during every week of every term, including workshops, lectures, contests, challenges, photowalks, and more.

Feds Club Listing

Don't see anything that you like? A full listing of all clubs affiliated with Feds is available here.

Student Government


Every University of Waterloo undergraduate student is automatically registered as a member of Feds, or the Federation of Students. Feds is the student union at the University of Waterloo whose goal is to represent and advocate for the needs of undergraduate students at the university. Would you like to get involved and become a representative for your fellow students? Find out how to run for one of the Feds' elected positions here.

Student Societies

Each of the six faculties at the University of Waterloo has their own student society to meant to represent their students.In addition, several programs have their own societies as well. Listed below are links to the 6 major faculty societies.


The University hosts a ton of events for students to enjoy. Look here for an overview of some of the upcoming events.

  • Monster Pop-up Sale
  • Event poster

    From November 26th-28th at 9:30am-5pm, the Waterloo Store will have a huge sale in the SCH Concourse!

  • Canadian Theatre Made for Black Women
  • Wednesday, November 28th 2018 4:00PM to 6:00PM EV3 4412

    A talk by Nailia Keleta-Mea about how she has continued to achieve success despite dwindling theatre audiences in Canada.